Pump series – FIX HP 12 and FIX 18

FIX – suitable for a heat source of up to 15 kW in a low-temperature system and up to 25 kW heating source in a high-temperature system. The FIX can be turned 180° to suit the installation of the heating system and can be easily wall-mounted.

The FIX 12 has a fully assembled circulating pump, micro-bubble separator for automatic venting, an expansion vessel under 0.5 bar pressure insulated to minimise heat loss.

The FIX 18 is supplied as standard with a three-way valve, thermostatic actuator and external sensor. The ESBE three-way valve can be adjusted from 20 to 70°C regulates the temperature of the system’s heating feed water automatically and is controlled by the supplied external sensor. The heating curve can be changed if required.

FIX is a series of mounting units specially designed for use with OSO heating units of the OPTIMA and DELTA types. All components are carefully selected to interact optimally and are fully assembled and insulated in an elegant central unit. FIX ensures trouble-free heating installation and significantly reduces installation time.

The equipment includes:

  • circulation pump : Wilo Yonos Para-Z BZ 25-180/7-50/SC-12 (230V) with wiring harness
  • micro-bubble separator : Honeywell
  • expansion vessel : 18 l, pre-pressure 0.5 bar, with shut-off valve G1/2″
  • EPP insulation box : Minimum heat loss for the heating system

Additional equipment FIX 18:

  • 3-way valve: ESBE VRG 131 DN20 / G 3/4″F / KV value 6.3 / 20-70 °C
  • electrical controller: ESBE CRC 111, (230V) electronically controlled
  • external sensor: ESBE with plug, 20 m cable

FIXHP12Pump group with 18l diaphragm vessel480x225x335
FIX18Pump group with three-way valve, controller and 18l expansion vessel480x225x335
Pump series – FIX HP 12 and FIX 18
Pump series – FIX HP 12 and FIX 18